Pamela Jean Nesheim (retired farmer’s wife and bank teller) and Kyla Jean Fawcett (current rancher’s wife, Bulldog rancher and livestock marketer) are a mother / daughter duo originating from Baltic, South Dakota. Pam has been crafting, sewing and jewelry making for over 30 years and Kyla has been learning for a few years from the best (her mom Pam…duh). They are just a couple of low-key country gals using their creative brains to make pretty and unique items for all of you.

Kyla saw the potential in her mother and wanted to start a business to showcase their talents. Everything offered from Jean’s Attic are one-of-a-kind pieces designed and made by Pam and Kyla, apart from a few authentic Native American jewelry pieces (that are absolutely breathtaking). They also hand craft the leather work on all the Boho bags and offer “made from scratch” leather bags and goods. We carefully select our leather then assemble and design in our home studios. There are special “metal” pieces

They wanted to offer a unique spin on many ideas… we can add customization to certain items. Please send us a message if you see something on our shop page that interests you to customize.

Jean’s Attic will offer many different items in a two-tiered system, the “affordable” pieces to the “investment / designer” pieces. We want everyone to enjoy the many different items we will offer and we put every ounce of creativity and love into all our items.

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Everything at Jean's has a one of a kind spin on it! We offer several items which can be customized uniquely just for you...

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A look into our world of ranch life, family, bull dogs, western fashion and all things crafty!


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