Welcome to Jean's Attic!

Welcome to Jean's Attic!

A look into our world of ranch life, family, bulldogs, western fashion and all things crafty!

Hello! Welcome, welcome! FINALLY Jean's Attic is up and running. Jean's Attic came to fruition after my Mom, Pam and I brainstormed about a few "purse tassel pieces" two years ago and well, we are in deep now. Mom has been crafting, sewing, jewelry making and doing ALL THINGS CRAFTY for as long as I can remember. I wanted to push her talents and offer some fun and beautiful items in all price ranges, from high end turquoise and leather Boho bags to costume pieces, any ideas we come up with, Mom can make it or knows how to make it. We would love any feedback on any ideas and will be doing social media posts to get more interactive with you all. 

These blog posts will be about Jean's Attic, the ranch lifestyle I live, the life of our bulldogs and so much more.

Work hard and be kind,
Kyla Jean 


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