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Old Pawn Style Navajo Coin Necklace w Turquoise Pendant

Old Pawn Style Navajo Coin Necklace w Turquoise Pendant

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Want to make a statement, are you a rare jewelry collector?! Well this is it! Rare, vintage Old Pawn Style Coin necklace with Bisbee Turquoise Pendant

Old Pawn jewelry gets its name from its history. Starting in the early 1900s, pawning jewelry was a common practice between Native Americans and traders. Native Americans pawned jewelry in times of need, meaning most pieces were family heirlooms containing valuable turquoise and silver. Jewelry was a way for Native Americans to carry their wealth with them and have financial support in times of need.

Authentic Old Pawn jewelry features complex construction, intricate designs, and large turquoise stones.

Older jewelry pieces will be heavy, as they contain a high amount of silver. This commonality in Navajo jewelry is easy to spot in person. Newer Old Pawn jewelry will be lighter and may not contain as much silver as their older counterparts.

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